Amadeus Ticket Changer enables passengers who purchased their tickets online from TUNISAIR website to modify or add their contact information (email, phone numbers, etc.) as well as to change date, time and cabin type if their ticket is changeable with or without additional fees.

If the price of the new ticket is higher, passengers will pay an extra amount in addition to the rebooking fee by simply entering the passenger name record of the lead passenger. The passenger name record is a 6-alphanumeric code. Data entry can be in capital or small letters.

The heading Manage My Booking allows passengers who purchased their ticket via Tunisair website to:

  • Modify personal data:
    • Update the details of contact information (email, phone, etc.)
    • Add their loyalty program membership number
  • Select / change seat number
    • Select the seat number
    • Change the selected seat during booking
  • Select / change meals
    • Select a preferred meal
    • Change a pre-selected meal
  • Change date and time of flight
    • Check the status of the flight
    • Change the date and / or time of the flight
    • View, print or send itinerary by email

Passengers who purchased tickets online via TUNISAIR website can change the date and time of their flight if the tariff rule allows the change. To do so, just follow the following four steps:

  • Search and retrieve reservation.
  • Press the "Change flight" button.
  • Modify and accept all changes related to tariffs or tariff differences, if applicable.
  • Confirm changes.
  • Proceed to credit card payment

If "Change" does not appear when checking the journey, passengers may not be able to change their booking online via They can only change reservations by contacting the nearest TUNISAIR agency.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • Changes must be made on and are subject to availability and tariff rules applicable to the ticket.
  • Fare rules vary depending on the price of the selected ticket.
  • Check the fare conditions when booking online
  • Only the date and time can be modified online