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Information Passengers with reduced Mobility

Should your mobility be reduced due to a motor, visual, hearing or mental impairment or as a result of your age or of an illness?

Should you require special assistance?
Tunisair will endeavour to suit your needs and make your travel experience as smooth and comfortable as for normal passengers.
We will do our very best to provide you with the special service tailored to your very special needs either on the ground or onboard, thanks to our competent and well-trained personnel.
Before you start your trip, we recommend that you get acquainted with conditions of accessibility of airports and time limits set up by airport managers.


You are kindly requested to make your booking and notify Tunisair of your special requirements at least 48 hours prior to your flight. Should you need:
To be accompanied by an attendant ( or more)
an extra seat
A specific equipment
An assistance dog( unless restricted on some destinations)
A special meal

Just let our ground personnel know and we will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information and authorisations. A medical clearance will be required:
If you travel on a stretcher
If you have undergone a recent medical surgery
If you need medical oxygen
Your attending doctor must provide you with a medical certificate in order to obtain medical clearance from Tunisair Medical Services.

Airport ground handler will be informed of your needs recorded at your booking and will provide the necessary assistance to you.

At the airport

Within the European Union and due to your reduced mobility, you will be provided assistance upon your arrival at the airport where you will have to contact the concerned services who will provide the necessary assistance and ensure your passage through the airport  is as smooth as possible:
assistance will be provided upon your entering the airport until you reach the check-in counter.
at check-in counter our competent and trained Tunisair personnel will  cater for your specific needs.
a seat that is most suitable to your needs will be allocated to you,  subject to safety requirements.
We will arrange for you and your escort to be seated together.
In addition to medical equipment, you will be offered free transport of a maximum of two pieces of mobility equipment including an electric wheelchair, subject to at least 48 hours prior request and to sufficient space available, in compliance with Dangerous Goods Regulations.
If you are using a wheelchair, it can be checked to be stored in the cargo compartment. A wheelchair will then be masde available to you, by the service supplier, until you are seated onboard.
If you are travelling with a Certified Assistance Dog, Tunisair will make special arrangements to ensure he travels with you in the passenger cabin subject to current regulations.


According to airport facilities and type of aircraft, you will enjoy priority boarding so that you can be comfortably seated and introduced to the crew before the other passengers are boarded.
If you wish to use your own wheelchair, it will be remitted to the flight attendants who will give it back to you at disembarkation. Carriage of wheelchair is free of charge


All Tunisair aircraft are properly equipped to accommodate and meet the needs of Passengers with reduced mobility. Our cabin crew will be more than happy to extend their help throughout the flight.


If you land at an airport within the EU and if you have advised your particular needs in advance, a message will be sent to the arriving airport where ground personnel  will provide you with the appropriate assistance.
At other airports where Regulation 1107/2006 related to ground assistance is not applicable, Tunisair will provide  the appropriate necessary services in order to meet your needs.
Your personal mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, will be unloaded in priority.

General conditions

General regulations recommend that passengers suffering from recent or chronic diseases, as listed below, consult their attending doctors before starting their journey:
Cardiovascular problems
Chronic respiratory problems
Severe anaemia
Unstable diabetes or cancers
Passengers under immuno-suppressive treatment
We advise passengers undergoing a treatment to keep their medicines within reach in their hand luggage.

For more information, please contact:
In Tunisia: Our Call Center .
Overseas: Tunisair Offices .
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