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Welcome to the most rewarding Fidelys Family Program

Tunisair launch a new rewarding experience to families! Our loyalty program for individuals is extended to the family’s members to let them enjoy much more benefits from Fidelys Royalty program.
Therefore every Designated Member ( who join the Family Account) when travelling on Tunisair network flights individually as a Fidelys member cardholder,  allow the whole family to earn moreover exclusive 20% Bonus Miles benefit based on the one way journey’s distance and reservation class. This Bonus is assigned to the Family Account, and converted straight into:
  • Award Tickets.
  • EMD Excess Baggage.
  • EMD Upgrade.
  • Facilities carrying PETS.
  • ….etc

Membership :

Application to the “Fidelys Family Program” (FFP) is so easy and free. No obligation is required.Fidelys member who is 18 years old of age may apply for the FFP. Once Tunisair approves the application, a Family Account is assigned to the applicant, thus he is called “The Master Member” of the account.
Application Membership is available from:
  • “Espace Fidelys” located in the Head Office.
  • Tunisair agencies.
  • Tunisair Web Site.” www.Tunisair.com”
Once the Family Account is created,  the Master receive his reference number as well as a PIN Code to access and manage the account for whichever require. One FFP is only authorised by Family. The Members belonging to the Account can not be part of any other. Dealing with any unsubscription from the FFP for any existing Member is only possible every 06 Months unless extra circumstances cases.
Every Family’s Designated Member at least aged 2 years can join the FFP on condition of being first a Fidelys Member, if he/her is not yet a Fidelys Member, the Master has first to invite  him/her to join.
A maximum of nine ( 9) individual per account is authorised( spouse, parents,childrens, sisters, brothers..)
Nb: Tunisair reserves the right to decline any Application if Terms and Conditions of the FFP are not met!

The Master Member :

The Master Member is the head person who has the solely right and authority to manage the Family Account :
  • Apply for any Membership in the account when submitting support document, birth certificate, identity card….
  • Following up Miles balance and bonus, request and assign bonus offered, receive statement.
  • Add  any Designated Member to the Account at any time and make changes to the Application
  • Remove any member provided that this member were being part of the program for at least 6 months.
  • In any extra circumstances such like Desease , with proof sent within a periode of one month cancellation will follow. The Family’s members have to designate with written notice in the course of 3 Months the substitute aged 18 years old at least. The New Master Member have to validate and accept  the role by mail. For lack of substitute , the FFP balance will be shared by all members and the Account will be canceled.
  • Cleared to get benefits to himself from the Bonus Miles Family Account, or to grant benefits to any Designated Member.However the Master Member can give the privilege to the Designated Member to enjoy Bonus earned in the FFP.
  • Quit the FFP by written notice to Tunisair.

The Designated Member :

  • The Designated Member might validate or reject by written notice( Mail) his désignation to join the FFP. By his confirmation as a  Membership he declare acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of the FFP.
  • Once created any existing Designated Member can not leave the FFP before a period of six( 06) Months.
  • In case of Divorce for instance; withdrawal from the FFP in one month periode of time is possible.
  • In any case of cancellation of being a Membership, Designated Member can not recover any Miles earned in the FFP.
  • Miles earned in the Family Account can not be redeemed to the unsubscribed Designated Member.

The Collect of Miles :

The FFP count the hole Miles earned by the Family and give them fast access to Fidelys Prime Miles benefits ( Free Tickets – Upgrade - Excess bag - PETC….)
For any travel made  by one of the Family member belonging the Family account  on Tunisair network, he/she earn Miles matching with the flight operated in his/her individual Fidelys account. 20% Miles bonus will be on top earned and straight assigned to the Family account. In order to earn 20% Miles benefits transfert to the FFP , at least 2 members have to be Classic, Silver or Gold card holders. It is essentiel to stress that Miles Prime earned in the individual Fidelys account ( welcome bonus-status-partnership-commercial goodwill gesture ..) are not counted in the FFP.
When the FFP is created , evey single member continu to get benefits from their own Card Individual Fidely account. Collect of  Fidelys Prime in the FFP do not give the option of switching from the card holder type ( Classic, Silver and Gold)
The Master Member is the only one who either can  take advantages of Fidelys Prime Miles, or give instruction to allow the rewarding to one of the Family member.
Nb :
  1. Individual Fidelys card reference must be introduced at the time of  making  the booking or the checking.
  2. Being and progressing from Classic, Silver or Gold level Member remain in compiliance with Tunisair Fidelys program.

Fidelys Primes Miles Consumption :

The  Master Member is the only one who is cleared to consume the Fidelys Primes benefits ( Free Tickets –Upgrade - Excess bag-PETC). Benefeciaries are the Master or one of the Family Members who joined the FFP.
The Master Member might designate one member to consume Prime Fidelys. Consumtion of Fidelys Primes  is being subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Fidelys Program.

Transfert of  Rewarding Miles from the Family Account to another account :

It is obviously that somehow the Master Member is the one in charge of any transfert Miles to be undertaken ( Miles unit is 100!) A minimum of 100 Rewarding Miles (the maximum is 10 000 Miles) per year and per member, are granted to be transferred.
NB : For any transfert 5% fees are applied on the Miles volume transferred debit from the Family Account.
5 Miles fees to be debited for 100 Miles transferred
500 Mils fees to be debited for 10 000 Miles Transferred.

Lifetime  Rewarding Miles :

Tunisair balance Rewarding  individual Miles policy is based upon no expiry period provided that the Member fulfil at least one way journey during a period of 36 Months ( 03 years). However the balance Rewarding Family Miles last only for a period of 12 Months ( 01 year) in which the member has to fufil at least one way journey on Tunisair Flights Network.
If there is no travel registred, Rewarding Miles are removed and the Family Account balance will be reset to zero.

Additional Clause

  • Tunisair detain the absolute power to accept or  reject any application, furthermore to cancel it, in case of General Terms and Conditions violation  Program’s FFP.
  • Tunisair reserves the right to withdraw the FFP at any time. The balance of Rewarding Miles still valid for use 3 months after date of termination.
  • To be part of Family Fidelys Program means acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of the program.
  • Rewarding Miles can only be earned for travel made after the joining date of the FFP.
  • When the Family Fidelys account is canceleld the balance will be automatically equally allocated to the individuals  accounts.
  • Individual Fidelys Account  for any Designated Member is accessible on www.Tunisair.com , unfortunatly this is not being possible for the  Family Account which is under the control of the Master Member.
  • Thereby the FFP present Conditions come and complete The General Terms and Conditions of the Fidelys Program.
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